The Bridge Sex Position • Here’s How to Do It

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The Bridge Sex Position • Here’s How to Do It


The Bridge Sex Position Is Great for Deep Penetration. Here’s How to Do It.


It’s also great for smaller penises.


Sometimes, when we’re having penetrative sex with a partner, we start in more intimate positions that allow for kissing and eye contact—warmup positions, if you will. Then, there are the “finisher” sex positions: the ones that allow for more aggressive thrusting and deeper penetration. (If the insertive partner has a penis, these “finisher” positions tend to pave the way for an orgasm.)

The Bridge is a great example of a finisher sex position. It allows for very deep penetration that feels, for lack of a more sophisticated-sounding description, really damn good.


To learn everything there is to know about pulling off the Bridge position, we spoke to two sex experts: Therapist Benjamin J. Goldman, MHC-LP and Kenneth Play, international sex educator and sex hacker, and creator of the Sex Hacker Pro Series. They provided tips for entering the position, along with its pros, cons, and variations.


How to get into the Bridge sex position:
“The bottom partner should raise their hips into a bridge position, like in yoga,” Play says. “Then the person doing the penetration gets between the legs of the receptive partner, on their knees, and can enter from there.”


The core pleasure of the Bridge position is in its “collaboration,” Goldman adds. “While the top (i.e., insertive partner) reinforces the bottom with arm support, the bottom supports the top with core support. The position is characterized by the two partners sharing and balancing the weight of their connected bodies.”

The position should look something like this:

The Bridge Sex Position


What are the pros of the Bridge position?
Remember when we mentioned deep penetration? That’s one of the benefits to the Bridge position, but it also brings us to another upside: It’s great for people with a small penis. (Here are some more small penis sex positions, FYI.)

The Bridge position also makes it simple to manually stimulate the receiving partner’s clitoris or penis. (Either the insertive or receptive partner can do it.) And you can easily add a vibrator to this position for increased sensation.

This position is excellent for anal sex, too. The person on the bottom just needs to angle up their hips to provide anal access to the top, Goldman explains. Play suggests using a sex pillow or wedge to help with angles, but also notes you can use a pillow simply “if it’s too difficult to sustain, or just to make you both feel more comfortable.”

Finally, if one person is tall and the other is short, this position still works wonders.


Any cons to the sex position?
Make sure to have water on-hand, and prepare to take breaks. “The Bridge position is a very active position for both the top and the bottom,” Goldman says. If the top is holding up their partner, their arms may get tired. If you have bad knees, this is a tough one for the top, since you’re sitting directly on them.

Play notes that the “significant muscular engagement from both parties causes some to stay focused, whereas, for others, it detracts from the pleasure.” It all depends on what you’re into.


“Furthermore, the Bridge might be a difficult position for deep penetration depending on the size of the penis or dildo,” Goldman adds. Typically when a position is great for small penises, it’s not also ideal for big penises. Remember, The vaginal canal is typically around 4-5 inches when aroused. So if you’re packing eight inches, you’ll just be hitting your partner’s cervix, and that isn’t pleasurable. (On the flip side, if your partner is a size queen and likes all the depth, then yes, definitely go for the Bridge.)


What are some variations to the Bridge?
Always feel free to modify a sex position so that it works for you. Most of us would rather experience pleasure than check a specific position off a bucket list.


If holding that Bridge position feels too strenuous, remember you can put a pillow underneath the bottom’s back and butt for extra support.


Alternatively, you can try the Cross sex position. “The bottom wraps their legs around the top as if sitting on their lap,” Goldman explains. “This may allow for deeper penetration and less muscular balance, creating a more relaxed sexual experience.”

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