Why Nigerians Should Not Expect Quick Fix – Obanikoro Speaks After Meeting Tinubu

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Why Nigerians Should Not Expect Quick Fix – Obanikoro Speaks After Meeting Tinubu

By Trek Africa Newspaper




The current economic revival of the economy by President Bola Tinubu will in a few months make the country a strong player in the comity of nations, says a former minister.

Musiliu Obanikoro stated this in an interview after a visit to Tinubu on Saturday in Lagos.

He said that a nation receives the respect and recognition it deserves from the international community only through its internal policies and programmes.

He, however, called on Nigerians not to expect a quick fix to the various challenges and trials due to the current efforts at reviving the country, saying good things do not come easy.

“When President Tinubu came in as governor in Lagos in 1999 and embarked on reforming the state’s economy, a lot of people were sceptical. About after six months after the whole of Lagos was with us. The same scenario will play out soon in the country.

“Your strength overseas is actually derived from home. The stronger you are at home the better you are outside. Nobody will respect you if you are not strong at home.

“Some of the decisions Asiwaju has taken in the last one month have shown that he is ready to play with the international community and this has earned a good review from major players.

“As a former commissioner under him, I have first-hand knowledge of his ability as a good administrator. The auditor in him always has better part of him. That aspect of him is what brings out what is extraordinary in him,” he said.

Mr Obanikoro, a former commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture in Lagos state, was in the federal executive council as Minister of State for Defence and later appointed as High Commissioner to Ghana.

“We are talking about paucity of dollars now, he has fashioned out a way to overcome it. While we are saying where is he going to get the funds, wait in a few months now you will see the stability in our currency,” he stressed.

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