Vice President Yemi Osibanjo visits Crushed Rock, Mpape

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Vice President Yemi Osibanjo visits Crushed Rock, Mpape

By Trek Africa Newspaper

Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN

Crushed Rock Mpape: The new tourist spot in Abuja, Nigeria. Right after the ease of the lockdown phase for coronavirus in Abuja. The now trending crushed rock was uncovered. A perfect picturesque area in the Mpape district of Abuja. The images were posted on social media. As a result, quickly became a hotspot.

Mpape translates to rock in the local Gwari language. It is a large, well-populated district within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It is a hilly area located just opposite Maitama. Across is the expressway linking Asokoro and Kubwa. Mpape falls under the administration of the Bwari Area Council.

The Crushed rock is an abandoned quarry formed by grey rock and green grass surrounds a derelict lake. Crush Rock is one of nine quarries in Mpape, six of which are active.

Since it’s coming to the light, a DJ stand, food vendors have been seen on-site. Along with hundreds of sun-bathing selfie-takers – and picnic lovers.

Nigeria has an abundance of sites of natural beauty,. The first of its kind, “man-made” location that has its own appeal. The location has three main tiers, each gives a stunning view of the water below. Therefore, sightseers can choose a small winding footpath to the top terrace, where the grass is an ideal picnic location.

Things you can do in Crushed Rock Mpape

Walking is a free and easy way to get active, lose weight, and improve your heart health. What better way to improve your health status than in a scenic surrounding.

Set up a Tennis or Badminton Court

The good thing about a tennis or badminton court is its flexibility. A great sport but can be tricky on windy days. This activity is great for groups of friends and family. Getting away from the city chaos doesn’t always have to be expensive. However, always consider the people around when in public space.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and other classes

Relax while you focus on strength, flexibility, and breathing to boosting physical and mental wellbeing. Take a yoga class that’s however suitable for your fitness level. All you need is clothing that allows you to move easily, and perhaps a mat.

Proposal and Outdoor Wedding

The pros of the proposal outdoor are the sun, grass, and hills. Perfect scenery right. Cons: You’re relying on the weather and it could potentially get loud. Not to mention other people will go “awww” after. If you thinking of proposing, pick the perfect time of the day with less crowd. Since the crushed rock tourist site is yet to be maintained by a specific group, confirm from locals the ability to do such events.

Picnic and Photoshoot in crushed rock

Pack some of your best snacks or as Nigerians will say “small chops”, mats and drinks. Eat, pray, and enjoy the sunset. Play your favorite songs and dance away the day. Take lots of pictures and pack some more clothes if you need to change. Most importantly, don’t forget sunscreen to avoid sunburn and some props for your photos.

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