Tinubu Hangout: Stakeholders Dialogue on Environment, Climate Change

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Tinubu Hangout: Stakeholders Dialogue on Environment, Climate Change

By Trek Africa Newspaper




Open Discourse on Renewed Hope agenda of the incoming government of Bola Tinubu, at the Day 43 of pre-inauguration hangout of supporters of the president-elect, brought together representatives from various works of life to discuss Actualization And Sustainability of Environment/Climate change as focal point of Renewed Hope; Expectations and Desirability.

The discussion aims to foster dialogue, establish synergies and partnerships among stakeholders addressing challenges and opportunities facilitating regular environmental degradation, promoting sustainable development, just transition and green jobs in the context of disasters, environmental degradation and climate change.


It is part of efforts to prepare for the incoming government of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on town planning, focusing on the human mobility and climate change nexus, plus other core Environmental factors.

The Day 6 of the Open Discourse is being held as part of the activities of the supporters of Asiwaju in counting down to the May 29 Inauguration.

The Monday’s edition brought together Discussants with required knowledge on human mobility, climate action, green jobs and just transition, disaster risk reduction, protection as well as representatives of local, national and regional pro-Tinubu support groups.


The Programme which anchored on the idea of the convener, Patriots in Defense of Democracy, Tosin Adeyanju to enhance Disaster Risk Reduction as we move into the raining days .

The Day 6 offered a space to fully acknowledge the importance of climatic and environmental drivers, the multi-causality of migration and the impacts of migration on the environment.

In this context, well-coordinated, collaborative, whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches were even more critically identified.

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