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The  Acting Chairman of Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP), a political association recently registered as a full-fledged political party with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi, has revealed that when the party takes over the Government across the length and breadth of Nigeria, the people will rejoice.

Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi, Acting Chairman of Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP)

Dr. Ijagbemi said that era of impunity in the mismanagement of Nigeria’s national wealth and assets would come to an end in 2019. He said that from 2019, any politician that steals government money from one naira upwards would die in the hands of the Almighty. This revolution must involve everyone, from the President to the lowest level of leadership. All shall be involved in the barefooted Oath with all the Twelve (12) Pillars of the Oath, which are all connected to the three ordinances that lead to the judgement of death, if violated. He said that it works like ‘magun’ used in Nigeria to prevent fornication against married women.

Speaking with New Telegraph Newspapers reporter, Caleb Onwe at the party Headquarters in Abuja on Saturday, 3rd February, 2018, Dr Ijagbemi said that, after JMPP must have taken over the government in 2019, all Nigeria’s natural resources and national treasures shall become untouchable to all the people in authority because our nation has established a new covenant with the Almighty through the twelve (12) pillars of Oath of righteousness to kill all violators which is what will establish fear of the Almighty upon all the leaders in our nation, and there would be an all-round rest in Nigeria.

He said that JMPP is a divinely established revolutionary party consisting of Christians and Muslims that fear the Almighty, with answers delivered by the Almighty to all national problems and questions. He said that the Almighty in His mercy showed a vision to a young man, who fears Him from the South East of Nigeria, in the house of his Muslim friend, in Kebbi State the Northern part of the country. The vision came written in gold: “JMPP”, which was further explained as “JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL PARTY” with instruction to include Christians and Muslims. The vision directed that JMPP must raise a godly Government which must ensure justice, fear of God, truth, righteousness, peaceful co-existence, and unity that would restore Nigeria back to the original purpose of God, to be the leader-country in Africa. He said that Nigeria, under JMPP will restore the dignity of all blacks from the pains and shame of corruption, injustice and slavery.

Other instructions include that the party should raise visionary and righteous leaders who must eschew injustice, inequity and irresponsiveness to ensure fear of Almighty God’s discipline, compliance to constitutionalism and enforcement of the rule of law for the promotion of peace, unity and the wellbeing of Nigeria and Nigerians. The party is also to note that corruption separates nations from our Creator.

He said that JMPP shall use the effective family concept as natural human laboratory to teach Nigerians the national values through formal and informal education. The party’s core value is to enthrone democratic and egalitarian society where justice, equity, religious tolerance, peace and unity reign supreme through the instrumentality of effective mentoring, selfless service, altruism,  responsiveness, “ethical leadership”, accountability, transparency, dignity of labour, patriotism, industry, nationalism, integrity, hospitality, humility, righteousness, rigor of institutional/systemic compliance to the Oath of Office, the Constitution(s) and the rules of law.

Dr. Ijagbemi said that JMPP’s vision is to establish a party that will stimulate and re-nurture a society that has zero tolerance to corruption in order to enthrone accountability, transparency, good governance, social adventures, goodwill and peace for efficient mobilization of human and material resources of the country for the benefits of the citizenry.

JMPP’s mission is to provide a platform that will sponsor and support a new crop of patriotic, selfless, visionary and dynamic leadership at all levels that can transform the image and fortunes of Nigeria and lunch her into her destined greater heights by meeting the Basic Human Needs of physical/psychological safety, security, identity/belongingness, love, self-esteem and self-actualization, thereby influencing citizen through the Family, Religion, Education, Economy, Politics, Media, Entertainment and Culture.

JMPP’s goals is to form a broad based and formidable political party that attracts credible, God-fearing and patriotic Nigerians desirous and committed to true change, national development and pragmatic transformation of the country by democratic processes for the purposes of establishing ethical political systems in all the tiers of the national government in Nigeria though free, fair, and truly credible elections that evolve a national government that is responsive to the needs of the electorates/citizen and also influence institutions/systems in order to serve all “Realms” of life as stated above.

Furthermore, He said that JMPP is determined to ensure the taking over of Nigeria’s leadership by the younger generations as well as enhancement of women’s participation in politics by 35 – 50% and above. He said that JMPP will facilitate the participation of Nigerians in diaspora for the transfer of knowledge, resources, skills and the promotion of diaspora voting.

All JMPP members are expected to be leaders not politicians. He said that politicians pollute the nation with their stolen money to draw the nation backwards while leaders lead with integrity and uprightness to move the nation forward.

Dr. Ijagbemi said that JMPP is built on divine/ spiritual revolution which is devoid of bloodshed. This kind of revolution has perfect justice and judgement. It shall and must totally wipe out corruption and all forms of injustice completely, as well as prevent them from existing anymore in NIGERIA. He said that this is the revolution that JMPP is determined to embark upon throughout the nation, erstwhile referred to as the Third Force. It is a revolution of peace, love, unity, transparency, accountability, growth and development.

Dr. Ijagbemi further remarked that everything that is happening now in Nigeria, is for the Almighty’s purpose. The inter-ethnic strives and killings in Nigeria, are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in the Almighty’s Agenda of 2019 through Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP), for all Nigerians are waiting for the manifestation of righteous leaders on the throne. Leaders, not politicians, because all politicians were made to be subject to vanity. He said that through the JMPP’s leadership revolution of the twelve (12) pillars of Oath, Nigerians shall be delivered from all the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of a better Nigeria.

Dr. Ijagbemi noted that the conventional Oath Of Office (using the Bible and Quran) taken by civil and public servants / political office holders in Nigeria is fake and has not been effective because it always ends with the prayer of grace ‘So help me God’ – which always has been a means of deceit by all previous administrations since independence as it has no judgement and justice attached to the acclaimed Oath.

Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi said that JMPP government will ensure that all leaders both in public/civil service sectors and political office holders in the nation must be bound by the Self Bare-Footed Oath Revolution (SBOR). Therefore this real and original Oath shall be taken bare footed on the earth under the heavenly witness – The Sun, and consecrated by a Christian Priest and a Muslim Imam. This Oath is not to be taken in the secret, but in the open and shall be recorded live by audio-visual media coverages which has immediate consequences of death if violated. Therefore, this is the True Oath that all JMPP leaders will embark upon by offering themselves as collaterals which will give confidence to the Nigerian masses in order to cast their votes for JMPP contestants before taking the Constitutional Oath of office upon their victories. This Spiritual Revolution is the only way out for Nigeria to come out from corruption and injustice, and it’s the only way to restore Nigeria back to her Creator.

Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi said that JMPP is light in which there is no darkness at all. JMPP is born during our nation’s darkest moments when she needs the light of the Almighty to shine upon the nation the most. JMPP is the light of the Almighty destined to turn Nigeria’s darkness into light. Nigeria has experienced the darkness of corruption, grief, sorrow, anxiety, depression and fear. JMPP is the light that overcomes darkness as darkness and light cannot be together.

Nigerian politicians have been surrounded by the darkness of corruption. JMPP is the light that shall pull Nigeria out if its wilderness of lack and want into a New Dawn era of colourful and peaceful lifestyle, not for a privileged few, but for every Nigerian. JMPP is the light of the world through which Nigeria will never walk in darkness anymore. He said that the party has commenced nationwide membership registration drive and urged all Nigerians that are eligible to vote to have their voters’ cards ready to vote for JMPP candidates at all levels come 2019. He concluded that JMPP is the only way forward to completely and totally eliminate corruption and have a new Nigeria and said that enough is enough.

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