Palmadex Group, Nigerian foremost agro commodity Export Company Discusses Export

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Palmadex Group, Nigerian foremost agro commodity Export Company Discusses Export

By Trek Africa Newspaper





Palmadex Global Integrated Services Ltd, with 7 Portfolios namely export investment, export consultancy, export of non-oil agricultural products and raw materials, export of African/Nigerian Foods, Wood Processing, Farming and Export Training Academy is a multi award-winning non oil agro export company founded by the environmental scientist Dr. Benard Omoyeni.

Palmadex Group offers Nigerians the platform to harnest various investment opportunities available in international trade as well as the priviledge to earn foreign currencies.

Dr. Benard Adedotun Omoyeni is blessed to be one of the most inspiring individuals in Nigeria not only because of his grass-to-grace success story or even influence as Managing Director of the award-winning Palmadex Global Integrated Services Ltd, Nigeria’s fast growing and reliable exporters of Agricultural Commodities and Processed Foods, such as sesame seed, hibiscus, cassava, charcoal, ginger, raw cashew nut, cocoa beans, coffee, kolanuts, poultry, groundnut, locust beans, vegetables and rubber among others. Benard Omoyeni is also a certified environmental scientist and published author of Principles & Application of Enivironmental Impact Assessment.


Dr. Benard Omoyeni, MD/CEO, Palmadex Global Integrated Services Ltd now Palmadex Group, shares an inspiring hindsight on starting an export business, misconceptions about export business, business philosophy and other briefs on becoming a successful exporter.

Q- What’s the least money you can begin export with? And how soon before you start making profits.

A- You can begin with Zero Naira and start earning within 3 months as an export contract broker.

Q- How would you characterize a successful exporter?

A- A successful exporter is a person or an entity who had stayed determined and tenacious to the point of building a brand that’s globally acceptable.

Q- What are common misconceptions about Export?

A- Many thought it was only oil and gas that can be exported from Nigeria.

Q- Have you experienced low times doing business?

A- Yes. Many low times but the passion and interest in the business backed up by GOD’S led vision have all been motivations to be tenacious to eventually achieve the vision set forth.

Q- Most people at the top in business have stepped on a few heads to get there, can you say this is not the case with you?

A- Not the case. Palmadex is driven by vision and not by ambition. We know with God and following standard processes, we would get to the top most top.

Q- What is your business philosophy?

A- Deliver excellent services and quality goods and build a robust clientele base globally.

Q- You are extremely passionate on Environmental Issues, what was the turning point when you felt you had to play your part?*
Environmental awareness, compliance with environmental protection regulations, afforestation, climate change, energy and natural resource conservation in Nigeria.

Q- What’s different in today’s business world compared to when you first started?

A- Government policies and economic issues affecting business projections and sustainability of international opportunities.

Q- What advise would you give a budding entrepreneur?

A- Be determined, tenacious to succeed. Build a brand of repute, maintain standards, comply with local and international regulations. Gather and research relevant information that would lead to great success in the business.

Q- What is your focus for the future?

A- Build a multinational conglomerate that would have trade offices all across the world.

Q- What are your major export products.

A- Ginger, sesames seed, cashew nuts, cassava flours, palm oil, shea butter, African foods etc. Detail list is available on our website

Palmadex is a distinguished member of the United Nations’ World Trade Organisation, the ICC and has its export destinations to US, UK, Vietnam, Nicaragua, UAE, Isreal etc. Palmadex Group currently has International Operational base in Vietnam and Dubai. The company has built a brand that has attracted many commodity investors to Nigeria.

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