AMLi reminds parents, govt, society the need to reposition the Boy Child

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AMLi reminds parents, govt, society the need to reposition the Boy Child

By Trek Africa Newspaper

Founder/President, AMLi, Barrister Hanatu A. Enwemadu





Few days ago was International day for the boy child. A non-profit and non governmental organisation in Nigeria with the aim to safeguard the well-being and future of African children by employing research, advocacy, and psychosocial interventions, A Mother’s Love Initiative (AMLi), has through the annual recognition of May 16 as the International Day for the boy child reminded parents, government, and society the importance of caring for the boy child in our environment for proper upbringing, growth, development for the benefit of the boy, family and the nation at large.

The non profit organisation that also focuses on creating awareness on the ills of admitting under aged children into school, the effects, and seriously advocating against the hurried child syndrome reminded us of the need to take seriously the mental health and general well-being of the Nigerian and African boy child.

Without mincing words and as a matter of urgency, Founder/President, AMLi, Barrister Hanatu A. Enwemadu, concerned about the future, his mindset and well-being of the Nigerian and African boy child in her project on The hurried child syndrome said that the boy child deserves proper positioning to secure a better society, as well as the pain of the society when these set of citizens are not properly guided or are abandoned.

Enwemadu Esq., who mentioned May as a month of many international activities recognised by the UN such as International Day of Families (May 15), Mental Health Awareness Week (May 15-21), World Meditation Day (May 21), International Day of Living Together in Peace (May 16), and others, said that the boy child should not be neglected.

Against the ill of hurried child syndrome, Enwemadu said, “children should and must be protected because they are vulnerable, dependent, and developing. A mother’s love for a child should and must be preserved and encouraged, the role of play and creativity should and must be enshrined in every human environment, every child should and must have the same rights and opportunities to be happy.”

According to her, when the boy child is salvaged from adverse Childhood Experiences like The hurried child syndrome, trauma, sexual molestation, neglect etc will develop a mental health balance that will not push them into crime or vices, rather they will play their role towards a better society.


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