Mopol Commander, ACP Daniel Amah Visit Burkina Faso Embassy, Seeks Robust Collaboration

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Mopol Commander, ACP Daniel Amah Visit Burkina Faso Embassy, Seeks Robust Collaboration

By Trek Africa Newspaper


The Commanding Officer of the No. 23 Police Mobile Force (Mopol), Force Headquarters Annex, Lagos, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Daniel Amah, on Tuesday, paid a courtesy visit to Burkina Faso embassy, National Association of Online Security News Publishers, NAOSNP can report.

Speaking during the visit to the embassy in Lagos, ACP Amah, reiterated the commitment of the Nigerian police to ensure the security of diplomatic missions in the country.

He said : “I stand before you today not just as the Commanding Officer of the No. 23 Police Mobile Force, FHQ Annex, Keffi Street, Lagos, but as a representative of the unwavering commitment that the NPF through our squadron has towards ensuring the safety and sanctity of the diplomatic missions within Lagos State.

“It is a well-known fact that embassies and consulates are more than just buildings. They symbolize the friendships, ties, and mutual respect nations share.

“The Burkina Faso Embassy in Lagos is a testament to the enduring relationship between Burkina Faso and Nigeria.”

While restating the readiness of the mobile force squadron to ensure more robust collaboration with the embassy, ACP Amah harped on the need for international cooperation to address some of the major global challenges.

“Our primary mission at the No. 23 Police Mobile Force is to ensure that this symbol of friendship remains untainted, safe, and secure. The gravity of this mission is not lost on us. We understand that any harm or disturbance to this embassy isn’t just an affront to Burkina Faso, but to the very idea of international cooperation and peace.

“In these times of global uncertainties, it is of utmost importance that our two nations stand together, not just in diplomacy but in mutual security. Today’s visit is a reaffirmation of that commitment. It is my earnest hope that this courtesy visit paves the way for strengthened collaboration between the Burkina Faso Embassy and our squadron. By working closely, we can ensure that the embassy remains a haven of safety and a beacon of the fruitful partnership between our two nations.

“I will like to express my deepest appreciation for the warm welcome and for the outstanding cooperation we’ve received thus far. Let’s continue to work hand-in-hand, fostering an environment of safety, trust, and mutual respect,” he added.


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