Bishop Oyedepo Speaks On State Of The Nation

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Excerpts from Bishop Oyedepo on the State of the Nation. (Nigeria)


“God has chosen Nigeria as a place in His heart as an end time platform to spread the Gospel to the world but there are forces, both spiritual and physical, that are out to fight this move.


During the 2015 elections, I warned that God has shown me there is an Islamic agenda for Nigeria and I asked people to vote wisely and pray no Islamist would be elected at any level of government. I was scorned and people even took my message out of context.




  1. They first started that all church founders in Nigeria who served for more than 20 years must resign and hand over to someone else but God brought the plan to nought. If that had succeeded they were also going to tell us what to preach on the pulpit in church too.


  1. Then the issue of the Fulani herds men carrying guns. I can assure you these are not the Fulani herdsmen that we all know.


I grew up knowing them as a little boy. They carried bow and arrows. Since when did they learn how to shoot AK 47s as trained soldiers to attack villages where christians live. Each of those guns cost about 2 million Naira. Where will the Fulani herdsman get such money from to buy just one gun? How many cows will he sell before buying the gun? Truth is, these are jihadist imported into Nigeria hiding under the guise of herdsmen and sponsored by people from certain quarters to achieve an agenda in Nigeria but God will expose them.


  1. The Ministry of Education decided to scrap CRK (Christian Religious Knowledge) under the guise that a new course would be introduced as religious studies and mandatory for all students which include our children who are christians learning about Islam as a must. Well, CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) took a stand and the National Assembly voted against it.


  1. Now they have come up with a new trick as part of the agenda that Arabic becomes a prerequisite for anyone enrolling into the university in Nigeria. Since when did Arabic become our official language?


One question I asked our Senators which no one cared to ask is, where in our Constitution is it stated Nigeria is an Islamic State?


Nigeria is not a Christian, Islamic or any religious state but a secular state. Everyone has the right to freedom of religion. You are free to worship what or who you like. No one will impose their religion on us. NEVER.


What happened in Turkey that turned from a Christian nation to an Islamic State will not happen in Nigeria. NEVER.




God has shown me a glimpse that Nigeria is on the brink of collapse and chaos. We will not see war for the sake of the righteous in Nigeria. If we pray, it shall be averted and we shall pray.


Since the history of Nigeria, Christians have never caused any trouble in this Nation but pray. We are a people of peace and will remain so forever.


I am asking everyone of you to pray for Nigeria if you love this country.


Until I draw my last breath, I will defend my faith in this nation.

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