Ambode 2019: Performance Versus Vested Interests… Lagosians Waiting To Speak With Their Votes

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Ambode 2019: Performance Versus Vested Interests… Lagosians Waiting To Speak With Their Votes

A biblical exaltation states that everything works together for good for those who love God. For the ever politically conscious Lagos electorates, the ongoing impasse between the super performing incumbent Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode and his god father, acclaimed kingmaker of Lagos politics and National leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress ( APC) to provide an opportunity for Lagosians to truly exercise their franchise and elect a governor, truly electorally favoured by the masses not one handpicked as it has been since 2007 when Tinubu brought in Fashola and again in 2015 when the same Tinubu handpicked Ambode as the governor of Lagos State.

Running up to the 2019 governorship elections in the Center of Excellence, the trend seems about to change. This scenario as it is unfolding is pitching Ambode whom majority of Lagosians are routing to return in 2019 against Tinubu and the entrenched interests in the Lagos APC. The grouse the interests group who had all been benefitting from political patronage has against Ambode is the fact that the governor refused to pander to their demands for political patronage and largess.

At the inception of his administration, Ambode, a career accountant and technocrat who was a onetime Accountant General of the state had made it clear that his focus will be on governance and delivering on his campaign promises through developmental projects and leave politicking to politicians and perform he did.

All across Lagos State, Ambode’s performing signature has been stamped everywhere as he is changing the landscape and face of Lagos with gigantic projects that are commissioned and delivered on time. From Berger to Abulegba, Ikorodo to Lekki, Agege, Mushin, Alimosho to Apapa, Ambode’s handwork are standing to remain enduring legacies.

However, it appears the leadership of APC in Lagos are less concerned about performance as far as Ambode reelection is concerned. Rather, their personal interests has set them Against Ambode whose light up Lagos projects, massive investments in security, humane disposition to enforcement and job creation efforts has endeared to Lagosians to give him a seamless ride back to office in 2019.

As this game plays out, APC must be weary of the selfish stand they have taken against Ambode. Lagosians are poised to stand with Ambode anywhere he chose to run. They should know that PDP is waiting in the wings to reap from their misadventure. You don’t throw away the baby with the bath water nor do you change a winning team in the crucial stage of the tournament.

A word they say I enough for the wise.

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