Weekend Special: Abuja men list what they dislike in women

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Weekend Special: Abuja men list what they dislike in women

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TrekAfrica – Some men resident in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have expressed divergent views on the choice of women they will date, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

Some of the men who spoke with NAN Entertainment Correspondent said they love women who have `good’ dress sense and the ability for a woman to coordinate her clothes and accessories well, makes her more attractive.

They further explained that the way a woman dresses, determines the type of suitors she will get, as men love to brag about the appearance of their women.

Dumebi Agholor, a copywriter told NAN that he would not approach a girl whose dress sense does not look appealing, especially in a metropolitan city like Abuja.

“Everybody in this city, especially the working class, take time to look their best; so it is only normal that you access a person’s dress sense before coming close.

“Even as a man, I take time to look superb and it is expected that any woman I am going to be with looks the same way.

“There are always fancy places to go to and you don’t want your woman looking out of place.

“Nobody wants to be embarrassed by the outfit of their partners, especially men”, Agholor said.

Dapo Oluwatobi, a visual artist explained that looking lovely is a necessary tool in today’s world and ladies are primarily meant to be attractive.

He said, “for me, everything has to synchronise; the hair, the makeup, the bag, the shoes and the clothes proper.

“The key is to look very approachable but not exactly provocative. Men love to feel tall when their women are easily the most exquisitely dressed.”

“It is natural instinct to approach the most attractive lady in the environment; character comes much later when the discussion has begun.

“You need to be attracted enough to talk to a lady before you know her character except in rare cases”, Oluwatobi said.

Francis Ochei, a fashion designer told NAN that although dress sense sometimes attract suitors, `it is only a thing of class as everyone belongs to a class.’’

“You have to dress according to your class or above most times so that you can attract the right men.

“Most women complain that they are approached by jobless people, your dress sense may have been too laidback that it attracts jobless people.

“Same ways, some ladies only have wealthy admirers, they look the part already with nice dress sense and tasteful cloth choices that depict the right kind of class”, he said.

Similarly, Bolutife Oni, a banker puts it simply by saying, “Shabbily dressed guys attracts girls of their class.

“Well dressed ladies have their size too. In all, you have to pay attention as your dress sense says a lot about you.

“Women often think that men can’t tell expensive clothes from cheap ones; some men can and we appreciate a woman who takes her time to put her lookS together”, Oni said.

However, some men told NAN that they preferred to choose women based on character rather than dress sense, as judging with the latter usually leads to shallow relationships.

Lawrence Antia, a teacher said, “anybody can put on nice clothes and not have the good characters that men seek in women. That makes all the dress sense pointless.

“Most women are nothing like their dress sense and most times, the shabbily dressed one is non-materialistic and possesses sterling qualities.

Relationships go beyond dressing.”

Abimbola Olowolagba, a student said he is very particular about a woman’s carriage and self respect and cares less about her dress sense.

“To be honest, I don’t even notice a woman’s clothes combination; I am more inclined to having conversations. Talking helps me know her better.

“I always want to find out her self esteem level, I watch the way she comports herself. Women with self respect and wonderful inter-personal relationship intrigue me,” Olowolagba said.

Meanwhile, rebelcircus.com, a blog on Love and Relationships states that men notice a lot of things about girls when they first meet them, even when it comes to casual meet-ups rather than dating.

It said, biologically speaking, men are hardwired to take note of certain parts of a woman’s body, her clothes, and even her posture when they first see her….`Your Dress Style.’

“Believe it or not, most men prefer to date a woman they deem “classy.” This means that you may need to limit the amount of skin you show.

“By gearing up these parts of your body, you can increase your chances of getting a date – or just ward off creeps.

It also detailed the psychology behind what men notice about a lady, and what really grabs their attention when you first meet them.
Below are details:

70% of men say that they notice a woman’s eyes first. Our eyes tell us a lot about our personality. A sultry look, great eye makeup, and an overall “clear” look in the eye will make most men intrigued enough to want to talk to you.

Studies have even shown what kind of eye makeup men prefer seeing on women. According to scientists, light eyeliner, nude shadows, and a pinch of mascara is what you need in order to really get men going.

Even if he doesn’t have a foot fetish or a shoe fetish, chances are high that he’ll notice what you’re wearing. The right shoes can improve your overall dress look, and can also give your legs a little length.

Just like women can pick up on a man’s bad attitude, men pick up on women’s attitudes fairly quickly. A warm, friendly, playful and nurturing attitude will go far. Want to keep men at bay? Have an angry vibe.

Skin :
Universally speaking, clear skin is attractive. It’s an indicator of great health, good genes, and following a good diet. Unsurprisingly, men notice when a woman’s complexion is awesome. If you’re looking to date, double up on moisturizer!

Men really do notice a long, healthy, shiny mane. Scientists say that good hair is a sign of youth and good health, both of which are considered to be preferable traits for a long term mate.

A very wise model once said that you’re never completely dressed without a smile. When men see a woman whose smile is warm and inviting, he takes it as a signal that you’re open for flirtation.
A good smile also tends to flag you as a nurturing, kind individual – just the type of person they’d want for a girlfriend.

Long legs, especially toned legs, are subconsciously viewed as a sign of good genetics. As a result, men tend to notice women legs a bit faster than you’d expect.

Muscle Tone:
While men may not like seeing a girl who’s ripped, they do like to see a woman who has a healthy amount of muscle on her body. It shows that she takes care of herself, and also can make her overall body shape look better.

Men are still men, even if they are romantic and notice your eyes first. Perky, decently sized breasts signal that you would be capable of feeding future children. Primal as it may be, it gets guys going.

Men will notice your voice because nothing quite grabs a guy’s attention like saying, “Hello!

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