US-based Ghanaian invents security robot using waste plastic

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US-based Ghanaian invents security robot using waste plastic

By Trek Africa Newspaper



An engineer has developed a security robot that can remotely launch a gun attack during a robbery invasion.

The Head of the Electrical Engineering Unit, Emmanuel Wireko-Brobby, who is also a senior clinical engineering manager at a teaching hospital, disclosed that he built the four-feet robot from waste plastic.

Wireko-Brobby revealed that the ”RoboSniper” has an inbuilt surveillance camera, a LED light, a gun, and a solar-powered motor.


The engineer said the device first sounds an alarm in an attempt to ward off the intruder before a gunfight, saying it will help the security services and security-conscious individuals.

He said: ”More often than not, security personnel at banks and other sensitive areas are targeted when there’s a robbery invasion. Robo Sniper aims at taking out that risk.”

Wireko-Brobby grew up in love but in poverty with his doting mother in Ashanti New Town in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, YenGhana reports.

His father, Edward Wireko-Brobby, and his mother, Nana Asantewaa Mainoo, separated when he was very young and had to live with his mother, who was keen on his education.

Born on 7 May 1975, the last child of five children had a healthy bond between himself, his grandmother, his mother, and other siblings.

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