The Untold Story Of Tunde Rahman: A Beacon Of Dedication And The Promise Of A Transformed Nigeria

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The Untold Story Of Tunde Rahman: A Beacon Of Dedication And The Promise Of A Transformed Nigeria

By Trek Africa Newspaper

Mr. Tunde Rahman




In a momentous announcement today, President Tinubu introduced his newly appointed team of 20 aides; one name aroused our fascination.: Tunde Rahman, a distinguished media veteran who has been entrusted with the role of SSA on Media.

Hailing from Osun State, Rahman’s appointment signifies the president’s keen eye for talent and expertise.

As the newly appointed Senior Special Assistant on Media to President Tinubu, Rahman’s remarkable journey of sacrifice and everlasting dedication to the Nigerian masses is unveiled, leaving us in awe of his extraordinary resilience and integrity.

Rahman stood steadfastly by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s side during the turmoil of political unrest, enduring both personal and professional storms.

Despite Rahman’s countless nights of tireless strategizing and briefing President Tinubu on the next steps, his efforts remain unrecognized by some . However, these efforts are driven by a steadfast commitment to the ideals that both Rahman and President Tinubu hold dear.

Behind closed doors, Rahman faced a never-ending barrage of opposition forces, enduring nasty attacks and baseless charges. Many deliberately ignored the emotional toll this placed on him, but his unshakeable commitment remained unshaken.

Rahman exemplified the true essence of a gentleman, persistent in his commitment to truth even in the face of fierce opposition.

His determined support for Tinubu further demonstrated his steadfastness and integrity, despite the powerful winds that threatened to sweep him away.

Tunde Rahman’s profound impact extended far beyond his role as a media adviser. His involvement in the struggle for the Nigerian masses, as witnessed through his influential platform, Western Post, has been nothing short of inspirational.

Rahman’s pen chronicled the tales of ordinary citizens, ensuring their voices were heard amidst the cacophony of political narratives. He was their unwavering advocate, shining a light on their plights and championing their causes.

Now, as Tunde Rahman steps into his new role, President Tinubu’s administration has gained an invaluable asset. Rahman’s years of experience, extensive network, and unbreakable spirit will undoubtedly pave the way for a prosperous nation, in line with the visionary aspirations of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

With this remarkable team in place, we can now eagerly anticipate a performance that will exceed expectations, for their dedication and commitment to transforming Nigeria are undeniable.

Today, we celebrate the extraordinary story of Tunde Rahman, a man whose immense contributions and unwavering commitment to truth have been waiting to be revealed.

Let us embrace this opportunity to recognize his exceptional character and remarkable achievements, and let his appointment serve as a source of inspiration for us all as we work towards building a brighter and more prosperous Nigeria.


Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Charman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.

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