TB Joshua Clock 55, Shares Documentary on His Life

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TB Joshua Clock 55, Shares Documentary on His Life

Prophet TB Joshua

Internationally acclaimed prophet and founder of the Lagos-based Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua has released a documentary on his life to celebrate his 55th birthday on Tuesday, 12 June.

During the Sunday service at his church in Egbe area of Lagos, he told his congregation, made up of people of various nationalities, that the documentary contained only 10 percent of his life story.

He added that each of the subsequent editions of the documentary will also contain 10 per cent of his story. The sequel to the documentary will be released in five years from now when he will turn 60. This will be followed by another edition when he turns 70 and will continue until he exhausts the story.

The documentary was screened during the service.

The “Man of the People”, as he is widely addressed, revealed how he was born into a humble family in Arigidi in Ondo State, adding that his life has always been directed by God.

According to him, his mother carried him in her womb for 15 months despite being in labour since the ninth month. He claimed that she was taken to different hospitals, where they were not able to deliver her of the baby until she got to Egbe Medical Centre, which he described as one of the best hospitals in the country at the time.

Joshua claimed that on the seventh day after his birth, when he was to be christened, a piece of stone flew in through the roof from a rock blasting site into the room where he was lying down.

‘’In my village, there are many rocks. The rocks need to be blasted before getting water. There was a company, opposite our house, blasting rocks at the time. The stone flew from the site into the house and landed on the net covering where I was lying. Nobody knew how baby Joshua moved from the net to the other side.

‘’My mother fainted and was in coma. She was carried to a hospital. The guests started voicing different names out of sheer wonder and surprise. Temitope, Temidire, Temiloluwa, Temidayo, Temi this, Temi that. So I chose Temitope out of that name,’’ he said.

TB Joshua Praying

His stepmother, who was interviewed in the documentary screened at the church, confirmed the story. She said she had kept the stone as proof of the miracle the family experienced on that day.

‘’Jesus saved you; He kept you safe. I didn’t throw away the stone; it’s right here. It’s a miracle that he performed in this household so we kept it.

‘’The stone broke the roof and landed very close to you. It was indeed a miracle. We praise our wondrous God,’’ she said.

Also, the humble prophet revealed how he attended six different schools within a year and how he started the ministry with a humble beginning.

Joshua, who was visibly excited about his birthday, urged church members to celebrate the date with the less privileged. He, however, said this did not mean only monetary donations as some people need care, smile and love.

‘’There is no way I can be raised in that kind of background and become some superstar.

‘’You must locate those who need what you have. Your love, care, money…look for them. Or even your smile,’’ he concluded

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