POLITICAL MOVERS AND SHAKERS, INTELLECTUALS GRACE EKONG SAMPSON SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEES INAUGURATION • Uwem Ekanem, Felicia Bassey, Prof. Etie Ben Say Ekong Sampson will offer excellent Senate Representation

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POLITICAL MOVERS AND SHAKERS, INTELLECTUALS GRACE EKONG SAMPSON SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEES INAUGURATION • Uwem Ekanem, Felicia Bassey, Prof. Etie Ben Say Ekong Sampson will offer excellent Senate Representation

By Trek Africa Newspaper


• Assam Assam says Ekong Sampson Has Brought Everybody Together

• ‘I will Take Akwa Ibom South to Nigeria’ – Senate hopeful.



A galaxy of political movers and shakers, eminent intellectuals, grassroots generals and party stalwart in Eket Senatorial district yesterday graced the Ekong Sampson Senate Campaign Committees inauguration held at the Nissi Hall, Eden Hotels, Eket. It was indeed a powerful gathering with a unique blend of the rich strata that reflected the diverse core of the oil rich senatorial district.

In his inaugural speech, Dr. Ekong Sampson, a two term former Member of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly and PDP Senatorial Candidate in the district, expressed confidence in the composition of the campaign committees, saying, with the crop of personalities involved and with the campaigns anchored on issues, 2023 victory was assured.

Dr. Sampson thanked the people of Eket Senatorial District for the trust and confidence shown in him, promising to repay such with effective representation at the Red Chambers:

‘I thank you for believing in me right from the primaries. I wouldn’t have been here without your support. As a senatorial district,we are richly endowed. That is why, my commitment has been that we have to maximize the advantage of the diversity of our district. We have a rich history, what we have to do is to take that history to Nigeria. That is what I will do. I will work closely with the incoming governor to create jobs and empowerments to better our people’.

Sampson stressed on the major enablers of his candidacy factored on the triumvirate: zoning, experience and capacity, promising robust, people-centric representation.
The senate hopeful reserved words of praise for Akwa Ibom State governor, Udom Emmanuel, describing him as a ‘selfless leader’, whose sense of leadership and sacrifice has been exemplary.

Earlier in their speech, Chief Assam Assam, former Nigerian Ambassador to Russia and Director-General of the Umo Eno/Akon Eyakenyi Governorship Campaigns said that Ekong Sampson has brought everybody together in the senatorial, expressing delight at the rich converge of people in the campaign composition. He purred over the excellent profile and personality that Ekong Sampson possesses, noting that he was readymade for the senate job.

On his part, Barr. Uwem Ekanem speaking on behalf of Ikot Abasi Federal Constituency, expressed appreciation to the other federal constituencies in the region for standing with Ikot Abasi to bring out Ekong Sampson as the Senate candidate.

‘I thank you because you have kept to term with the long standing and established zoning arrangements that we have in this senatorial district, which has kept us together.

‘In nominating Ekong Sampson, we have chosen a person that posseses the requisite experience for the senate job. Ekong represented his people well in the State House of Assembly, there’s nothing that anyone will bring on the floor of the Senate that will look strange to him. Now all we have to do is work in our respective units to campaign and win the heart of the people’.

On her part, the Deputy Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt Hon.(Princess) Felicia Bassey said:
‘My dear brother Ekong Sampson, the people of Oro love you so much. We are here to reassure that we will continue to support you all the way to the senate’. The two term House of Assembly woman praised Barr. Sampson unique experience:

‘Ekong has the requisite experience. As Council Chairman in Mkpat Enin, he did very well and they gave him a name there, ‘Onomkpoinam’.

Over there at the House of Assembly, can you do anything without mentioning Ekong Sampson? That was why we called him The Compendium. We are blessed. Eket Senatorial District cannot have a better candidate that Ekong Sampson at this time. We in Oron Federal Constituency hold the senate baton, we will hand it over to you. We are not only with you, but also for all other PDP candidates’, she assured.

A retired eminent professor of Geology and Head of the widely applauded Public and Policy Analysis Committees of the Ekong Sampson Senate Campaigns lauded the former State Environment and Petroleum Resources Commissioner, noting that despite Sampson’s accomplishments, he has remained very humble and accessible. Prof. Etie Ben praised Ekong Sampson for his intellectual range, saying that as it stands, all indicators point to 2023 senate victory for the former Mkpat Enin Council helmsman.

In his acceptance speech, the DG of Campaigns, Sir Michael Essang, speaking on behalf of committee members, promised to campaign on all fronts for the victory of Barr. Ekong Sampson.

Among the eminent personalities who graced the occasion and were inaugurated into the Senate Campaign committees included current and past members of the State House of Assembly, Honourable Commissioners from the district, other Candidates of the PDP, Council Chairmen, Political chieftains and stalwart, Party Officers, youths, women and student leaders.

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