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ALL Progressives Congress in the state of Osun has warned that ‘the dangerous new politics of economic and structural sabotage of projects by opposition parties for political advantage that has started in Osun could spread pretty quickly across the country, if serious attention is not given to the danger, to rip it in the bud.


The party was reacting to the shocking development  recently in which vandals suspected to be working  for the opposition parties dug up and made away with iron rods and cables buried at the edges of two of the five new and strategic bridges (November 26 and August 9) at the Osogbo by-pass, in Osogbo.


The rods and cables were designed to reinforce and prevent cracks on the concrete pillars of the bridges that could happen because of fluctuations in weather temperature.


And hardly had the sabotage taken place, when the opposition began a wild propaganda that  the bridges constructed by the Aregbesola-led APC government were collapsing!!!

So, the purpose of the sabotage was clear: ‘contrive evidence with which to demonize the ruling party, and then go ahead to incite public anger against APC and its leadership in order to gain political advantage’, the party reasoned.


However, in a swift reaction to this ‘deliberate destruction’ strategy of the opposition,  the state commissioner of Works, Engr Kazeem Salami, and his counterpart in the Information ministry, Mr Adelani Baderinwa reassured the public that, ‘although the opposition had thought that their sabotage would compromise the bridges’ solidity and engineering integrity, they were just damned ignorant.


According to the commissioners, those bridges that the opposition attempted to sabotage were actually built to last 30 years without any repairs to the structure.  So, the vandalisation of the re-inforced rods and cables was actually an exercise in futility.


The damages have since been fixed by the contractors.

But in a statement from the party’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy,  Kunle Oyatomi,  the APC called on law enforcement and security agencies in the state to ‘pay particular attention to the development before it becomes a national phenomenon and a scourge to the country’s politics.


The party argued that ‘what starts in Osun has a way of spreading to other parts of the country and this incident has the potential of becoming a new political strategy in the arsenal of evil politicians nationwide’, the APC said.


‘Although the vandals used for this act of sabotage are still at large’, the party noted that, ‘law enforcement agencies have a responsibility to fish them out so that we can get to the bottom of this evil and identify the instigators of the reprehensible crime.


The party further drew attention of the security agencies to the fact that the opposition had ‘for months been boasting that they will destroy, cancel or suspend all the policies, projects and social welfare programmes initiated by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola-led APC  government of by any unfortunate mishap they ever came to power in the state of Osun.


‘There must be a nexus therefore between this wicked intention of the opposition and what happened on those bridges in Osogbo’, the APC emphasised, adding that, ‘it doesn’t appear to be a coincidence that the opposition latched on the sabotage almost immediately it happened to condemn the governor, blaming him for a supposedly shoddy job.


‘They then went to town spreading wickedly incorrect information that those bridges had collapsed.


‘You don’t have to be a clairvoyant or a prophet to see the link here’, the APC said, pointing out also that ‘since the government revealed that there had been an attempt at sabotaging the bridges, no open condemnation has come from the opposition because what happened corresponds to their intention which they had boasted about since 2015’, the party concluded.

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