Okada Operators’ New Antics To Be Checkmated – Jejeloye

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Okada Operators’ New Antics To Be Checkmated – Jejeloye

By Trek Africa Newspaper

Chairman, Lagos State Taskforce, CSP Shola Jejeloye




The Lagos State Taskforce has reiterated its commitment to ridding the state of the menace of Okada operators who have de­vised new means of operating on the highways and restricted routes across the metropolis.

This was made known by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye, who had led series of week-long operations across strategic locations where recalcitrant operators have been plying commercially but with the use of a different type of inconspicuous motor cycle pop­ularly called “Lady Machine”.


“Some of these recalcitrant okada operators who had their bikes seized in the past have ac­quired these more portable types of bikes called lady machine to carry out their operations on the highways. These bikes are sleek and more evasive but their an­tics are no match for us,” Jejeloye stated.

Jejeloye, who led his officials across raids at CMS, Ebute Ero, Ijora, Ikeja-Along, Lagos-Abeo­kuta Expressway and Oshodi Bus Stop disclosed that the need to remind these operators of the stand of the state government on their operations across Lagos was necessary, as no stone would be left unturned till okada opera­tions across restricted routes are completely stamped out.

“Motor bikes with engine capacity below 200cc are not allowed to operate on the state highways. Therefore all forms of bikes that fall within that range, be it the normal okada or lady machine will be confiscated and crushed according to the provi­sions of the law,” he said.

The chairman promised to carry out more operations from dusk to dawn until the state’s vi­sion on transportation is com­pletely attained and sustained.

He also said his team will arrest both rider and passenger caught violating the laws govern­ing vehicular operations on the highways and restricted routes.

“We arrested six suspects including riders and passen­gers today at CMS and we will ensure that they face the full wrath of the law their violations. We hope that it would serve as a deterrent to others who intend riding or patronising okada op­erators along these routes. Any­one caught would be arrested and prosecuted accordingly,” he warned.

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