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By Oki Samson, Trek Africa Newspaper

Cross sections of Lagos State Association of Council Vice Chairmen (LASACVIC) during the press briefing to officially endorse the candidacies of Tinubu/Shettima and Sanwo-Olu/Hamzat in Lagos.




The umbrella body of all Vice Chairmen in the 20 Local Government Areas (LGAs) and 37 Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in Lagos, Lagos State Association of Council Vice Chairmen (LASACVIC) has declared their unflinching support for the candidacy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President and Senator Kashim Shettima as Vice President in the upcoming elections of 25th February.

They described the APC Presidential candidate as a political colossus who will demonstrate leadership, courage, and vision for the country. In the same vein, they added that Gov. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu and Dr. Obafemi Hamzat deserves the second term in office, thus Lagos House, Marina does not have a vacancy.


Addressing a press conference covered by Trek Africa Newspaper on Friday, the Chairman of LASACVIC and Vice Chairman Etiosa LGA, Omo’ba Adeola Adetoro said: ‘The objective of this gathering is to speak as one voice as Council Vice Chairmen about a political colossus, talent hunter, destiny builder, Jagaban Borgu and Asiwaju of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Also to speak about Mr. Sellable, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu and other APC candidates.’

‘Asiwaju has demonstrated exemplary leadership, courage, vision to transform our great country. Our leader is more than capable. He leaves no stone unturned. To state the obvious, we are in unfavourable times as a country as we are all managing our way through the hard times. Now is the time for us all to have the best to bring into existence and restructure the economy of our great nation Nigeria. To make this happen, we have to come out en masse to vote our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, our presidential candidate; Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, the governorship candidate and other APC candidates. In Lagos state, we need continuity, we therefore say no vacancy in Lagos’, Trek Africa Newspaper can report.


Adetoro charged her contemporaries, ‘We need to campaign, mobilize, and canvass across all social strata and ethnicity for APC. The Lagos State Association of Council Vice Chairmen (LASACVIC) will mobilize across Lagos state cutting across 13,325 polling units.’

The Chairman of Lagos West Senatorial District (LASACVIC) who spoke on behalf of vice chairmen of LGAs/LCDAs in Lagos West, Hon. Lucky Udekwe, Vice Chairman, Ajeromi Ifelodun LGA said: ‘We are in the grassroots, we are ready to mobilize our people. We are going round all the corners, streets to ensure people pick their PVCs. So we are moving from house to house, street to street, door to door to mobilize our people. Lagos wants inclusive government and we are ready to move together for our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and our Sellable Governor who is working well to ensure that we have security and we can all sleep. Tell me another state where we have security controlled like Lagos, nowhere!’


‘For me to be from Edo state and be a Vice Chairman in Lagos would not have been possible if our leader did not lay down the structure. We know the economy is bad but there is a better time ahead. We have to prepare ourselves, we have to talk to ourselves, let’s talk to our marketwomen and men, Yoruba-speaking and non-Yoruba speaking.’

Hon. Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, Vice Chairman, Ikorodu LGA and Chairman of Lagos East Senatorial District (LASACVIC) who spoke on behalf of vice chairmen of LGAs/LCDAs in Lagos East noted: ‘It is already campaign period and we are doing so much. Going from house to house, market to market, we go round the communities to let them know it is very important that everyone collects their PVCs. We want the number to be landslide for our presidential candidate. The number is important especially for us in Lagos.’

‘The duty of a government is to improve quality of lives. For our presidential candidate, the leadership that we enjoy started from him. And then we talk about our Governor, Mr. Sellable. He is excellent, that is what we need. We are saying that APC is the way to go.’


Further, Hon. Adelaja Joel, Vice Chairman, Lagos Mainland LGA and Chairman of Lagos Central Senatorial District (LASACVIC) spoke on behalf of vice chairmen of LGAs/LCDAs in Lagos Central. ‘You have been hearing that is our turn. Everybody can say what they want but this is Lagos turn. All the noisemakers you may be hearing, they have seen our work. We will continue the good work.’

‘It is our turn at the federal. Our leader, Asiwaju is the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Also our Sellable Governor is who we are voting for the 2nd term. We have organized ourselves’, he told Trek Africa Newspaper.

Taking a historical perspective, the youngest Vice Chairman in Lagos state, Hon. Gbenga Abiola, Vice Chairman, Agege LGA shared: ‘Lagos state is an example of what Asiwaju means to Nigeria. Before 1999, Lagos state is the dirtiest state in the entire Africa, that has changed with environmental policies. Before 1999, Lagos state is one of the most insecure states in the entire Africa, then when robbers want to come to a street, they wrote letters to the street. But with the introduction of RRS, LSSTF, and other laudable projects started by Asiwaju, today Lagos state is the safest state.’


‘Before 1999, Lagos state was the most unemployed state in entire Africa, today by the creation of policies and employment opportunities by LSETF and other policy driven ideologies like LAWMA, LASTMA, KAI, and others, Lagos state has been able to employ hundreds of thousands of young men and women and has employed many unemployable citizens from other states.

Before 1999, Lagos state was one of the worst economies in Africa but today when a man set the pace as you can see Lagos state is the 3rd largest economy in Africa’, he told Trek Africa Newspaper.

‘Tell me what other pace do we want, if he has set it in Lagos, he can set it in Nigeria and the youths would benefit. When people say he is old, you cannot yank off the old men. Where do you get the experience. What makes the state viable is when the innovation of the youths meet the experience of the old. That is what Asiwaju has come to do. Under Asiwaju, Nigeria will move to the right place’, Abiola concluded.

The press conference was coordinated and anchored by the association PRO who is also the Vice Chairman of Yaba LCDA, Hon. Bola Aileru, had the Vice Chairmen across the 20 LGAa a

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