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By Abayomi Oyelami, Trek Africa Newspaper

Hon. Oyinlomo Danmole reading the book of Psalms 90 during the Christian Wake and Service of Songs service



It’s a worthy celebration of the life and times of a great mother of faith, Special Apostolic Mother Susanah Adedoyin Danmole (nee Shobodu) as children, family, friends and well-wishers from home and abroad converged on the prestigious Eko Club Arcade, Surulere, Lagos to hold the Christian Wake and Service of Songs ceremony today Thursday 14th September 2023, Trek Africa Newspaper can report.

The former Commissioner of Home Affairs and Culture in Lagos, Hon. Oyinlomo Danmole, wife, children, and family were joined by friends, family, government officials, partymen and women, and well-wishers at the celebration.

The array of ministers of God as led by the Snr. Apostle Tayo Ajose (J.P), Praying Band C & S Church, Mushin, Lagos conducted the Christian wake and service of songs


Trek Africa Newspaper can report that the Christian Wake and Service of Songs was led by the Snr. Apostle Tayo Ajose (J.Pil), Praying Band C & S Church, Mushin, Lagos. With wonderful, soul-lifting songs from the sonorous voices of the choir of the Praying Band of Praying Band of Cherubim and Seraphim Church Organisation, the entire atmosphere erupted into worship, praises, and dance to the Lord Almighty for a life well-lived. Some of popular hymns sang include Rock of Ages cleft for me, Bugbe Re ti l’ewa to, Ile Ayo kan wa loke, among others.

Senior Apostolic Mother Susanah Adedoyin Danmole (nee Shobodu)


The late Mama Danmole aged 98 wholeheartedly committed her service to God at the Cherubim and Seraphim Church worldwide in her lifetime. The late nonagenarian, Susanah Danmole (new Shobodu) who was short of the big centenary 100 years by 2 years was a lover of family, community and humanity at large. She displayed uncommon dedication, compassion, and resilience to the cause of bettering society.

The members of the choir dancing during one of theie song ministrations at the Service of Songs.


In his tribute to her mother, Hon. Danmole tearfully said ‘God didn’t give us the opportunity to choose the mother or family where we should be born. But I thank God that He allowed me to be born by my mother.’

‘When I turned 70, people asked me if my mother was still alive, I said yes. She taught me two great lessons. My dad was a Muslim, my mom was a Christian from birth to death. They taught us tolerance, I don’t know how they did it for the five of us children yet there was no argument.’


Hon. Danmole continued: ‘Another lesson I learned from my mother is love, sacrifice, and care. Our father died 47 years ago, yet she singlehandedly took care of us that we all have become great today. She told us if there is anything you don’t want to keep secret and hidden, then it is absolutely wrong and sinful. So don’t do such, our mother admonished us. May the Grace of the Lord remain with us all.’

The wife of Hon. Oyinlomo Danmole, Mrs. Ramota Danmole said: ‘I thank God for the life of Mama. When her son first took me to her, she was happy because I also hail from her hometown, Iperu Remo. She prayed for me that I will have children in their family and it is so today. She was excited when she got news that I had given birth to my first born son.’

Senior Apostle Alani Ige delivered the sermon. He urged the people to serve God dutifully so that ‘we would not end our lives like the rich man in the story of Lazarus in one of the many parables of Jesus Christ.’

He warned that ‘God does not show partiality. So we should carefully serve the Lord.’

Hon. Oyinlomo Danmole and immediate family at the event


Tributes came from the Secretary of ECWAS Union, Mrs. Shadeko, ‘when I joined the group in 1980, Mama received me with joy and made my service to the Lord. I have served as Secretary of the group since then because Mama facilitated it.’

Representing the entire Shobodu family, the Elder Shobodu noted that their father married 29 wives of which his mother was no. 15. ‘This mother loved us deeply despite that large number. May God grant her eternal peace.’

Members of the Danmole family of Lagos and Shobodu family of Iperu Remo in attendance at the Christian Wake and Service of Songs event Hon. Oyinlomo Danmole conferring with a minister of God at the eventSnr. Apostle Tayo Ajose (J. Pil) leading other ministers of God from Praying Band C& S Church in a dance of praise ☝️


Another member of the family said ‘I thank God that God brought me into a family where they live long. I didn’t have the opportunity to know my dad at all. He died at age 35 just before I was born. Now I am 70 years old, glory to God. But I thank God that I am here now, this late mother is 98, her sister is currently 93. Our late mother is a very clean woman, she doesn’t like uncleanliness. I am praying to God that I will live long and everyone here.’

Hon. Oyinlomo Danmole danced in celebration of her dear mother at the Christian Wake and Service of Songs

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