Funke Akindele says failed marriage didn’t affect her

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Funke Akindele says failed marriage didn’t affect her

By Trek Africa Newspaper

Funke Akindele and her movie crew



Nollywood producer, Funke Akindele, recently spoke candidly about her perspective on failed marriages and why she doesn’t view them as failures.

In an interview with Wazobia FM, Lagos, Akindele shared that her mother instilled in her the belief that failure is an integral part of the journey to success.

Funke Akindele


Akindele expressed her approach to marriage, stating, “I just take it as it comes,” emphasizing the significance of her mental health and career in the process. The actress outlined her life’s purpose, highlighting her commitment to leading a meaningful life, inspiring the younger generation, and being a pillar for her children and siblings.

She stated, “My personal life – marriage, I just take it as it comes. My mental health is very important. My career is very important, darling. I have to make an impact”

She further continue to say, “I have to empower a lot of people. I have to inspire young people out there. I have to stay strong for my children and my siblings. Why am I living? I have a purpose, so my head is up. Yes, I cry, yes, I break down, but after I cry, I just look in the mirror and say, ‘keep moving”

It is worth noting that Funke Akindele’s “A Tribe called Judah” has become the highest grossing film of the year 2023 after crossing over #1B in less than a month after its release.

The film was released on the 15 of December 2023 across different countries of the world, the film became the first to gross over #133M in its first or opening weekend, even though the actress revealed the film was dedicated to her mother, because it reflected part of her life.

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