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by Oki Samson

Princess Toyin Ogunwusi, Founder/CEO Lashed by Ojurire

Princess Toyin Ogunwusi is an entrepreneur who has discovered a new gold mine in the make-up industry. Toyin is from the royal stock in the great Ife Kingdom, and related to the reigning Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II of Ile-ife.  

The graduate of Sociology from Bowen University in 2015 is a semi-permanent makeup artist, which is quite a new trend in Nigeria.

In this exclusive Interview with Oki Samson of Trek Africa, She shared valuable information about the make-up business, her fashion style, why she would like to work with some top celebrities among others.  

TrekAfrica: Can you tell us a little about yourself

Toyin Ogunwusi: My name is Ogunwusi Toyin Adebowale. I am from Osun state. I studied Sociology from Bowen University, Iwo, Osun state, and I graduated in 2015.

TrekAfrica: Are you related to the reigning Ooni of Ife?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I am a first cousin to him. I am like a daughter to him. His dad is my father’s elder brother. My mum is Ojikutu, while my dad is Ogunwusi but he is late. So I am from a royal home in Ile-Ife, Osun state.

TrekAfrica: What do you do?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I am into beauty and personal care. I am a semi-permanent makeup artist. This involves eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelashes and eyelids. Semi-permanent make-up is the art of creating an impression that will last for at least two years. Normally, when ladies make-up, they will clean it up the next day and that cost N15, 000. In this case, after going through two sessions, the first and the later coming about four weeks later, and instead of using pencils you use hair strokes, you can keep the make-up for about two years with just a little touch here and there. This keeps you going and you don’t have to worry over make-up every morning, it is perfect, it gives you full look. It is the act of depositing layers on the dermis layer of the skin, it mimicks hairstrokes. It is not common currently in Nigeria.

TrekAfrica: Why do you choose the beauty and personal care business?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I admire people looking good. So after serving in a property company, I decided to go into entrepreneurship. I discovered this abroad, and I think it is only one person that does it currently. When people saw it on me in school, they liked it, so I decided to get training on semi-permanent make-up. It makes me stand out because these days, every lady is into make-up, hence, the reason for semi-permanent make-up.

Not everybody knows so much about this area, so I am into consulting and raising awareness about it. I also have the regular line of make-up but anybody that will step into semi-permanent make-up requires patience.

Lashed by Ojurire’s Boss, Toyin Ogunwusi

TrekAfrica: Any influence into entrepreneurship?

Toyin Ogunwusi: My mum influenced me greatly, she will say ‘learn a trade, ko ise owo, even if you don’t get a job, you can do that’. And that’s why after completing sociology, I stepped into semi-permanent make-up which is quite new.

TrekAfrica: What is the link between make-up and skin cancer because cancer is very common these days?

Toyin Ogunwusi: Some people have allergies, you can’t just do anything to your skin, so we have to identify if it is safe on your skin before we do it on you. We do a test for you to know if you are going to react to the process.

TrekAfrica: Are you into training in this field?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I train on semi-permanent eyelash extension for now. I will still go into full training on semi permanent makeup but I need space, I need to coordinate many people and a lot of work is required so over time I will get into it.

TrekAfrica: Are you in this for short term

Toyin Ogunwusi: This is a passion for me. It is full time for me. I used to work before but I quit, and I am into this fully. My brand is ‘lashed by ojurire’

TrekAfrica: What is your advice for unemployed youths?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I will advice that you be consistent in whatever you are doing and not wait for the government. Look inwards, get ideas and put it on paper. This is number one for me; every time I go around and I see ideas and write it down. I know it is not easy, but keep pushing and you will get it. Let people know you for something and before you know it you are 5, 10 years into it, even if it is community service.

TrekAfrica: What stands you out?

Toyin Ogunwusi: what stands me out is value I bring to people. Referrals go a a long way and it helps me. When I work for people, others see it and they ask them, where did you do this, they say it is from ojurire and they connect me. The value I add, the hard work and God has made me stand out.

Toyin Princess

TrekAfrica: Do you have any special fashion sense?

Toyin Ogunwusi: Not really. I rest a lot; I drink a lot of water. I also try and work on my skin. I work on my health, even if you wear rags, as long as you have good health you have an asset.

TrekAfrica: Advice to celebrities?

Toyin Ogunwusi: Celebrities need to explore, you cannot be on one spot. You have to be creative, search out for new things. Don’t limit yourself. Try new things and by that way you are even empowering others.

TrekAfrica: Have you worked with any celebrity?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I have worked with a few OAPs at Soundcity.

TrekAfrica: Which celebrities would you like to work with?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I will like to work with Toyin Aimakhu, Dayo Amusa, Toke Makinwa, and others who I admire so much because they have some special natural traits that will project this field.

TrekAfrica: Where do you see Lashed by Ojurire in Five years time?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I see myself going far. I have the name already and that is very good. I started last year and I am growing fast. When I get a permanent store, I will do a re-launch.

TrekAfrica: How do you relax?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I take a day-out, have my massage done because my work have a lot to do with back, and I take my eye supplement because many times while working I have light on my face.

TrekAfrica: Are you single or married?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I am single.

TrekAfrica: Do you run home service?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I run home service, but you need to book earlier so I can plan my itinerary

TrekAfrica: Are Nigerian men romantic?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I think they are. However, it takes a lot of time to stay with women in a salon say about 6 hours, unlike for me which is just about one hour. I don’t blame them I don’t think a man will want to stay that long in the salon. Also, I would rather let my man stay at home than put him in the face of other women in the salon. I have had women walk up to me concerning men.

TrekAfrica: Who is your kind of man?

Toyin Ogunwusi: The man has to be understanding, he has to support me, motivate me, it is more for me that we work together to build an empire, I prioritize that. Physically, I am attracted to tall men but that is just the least. After marriage, what next, so I need a man that is ready to work together with me to achieve, that will spur me. Many people just want to do wedding because of social media.

TrekAfrica: What’s your view about child abuse?

Toyin Ogunwusi: Child abuse is rife, it happens a lot. That is why some want only boys, because of the fear of child abuse. Ladies need to know their rights. We are all females in my family, so we are taught to know our rights.

TrekAfrica: What is your vision for life?

Toyin Ogunwusi: I want to be a better me. To improve, to grow far and wide, to be more focused and follow the direction for my life.

Toyin Ogunwusi abroad during one of her training.

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