‘A CANDIDATE THAT CAN’T BEHAVE PRESIDENTIAL IS NOT WORTHY OF BECOMING A PRESIDENT’ – OLA OWOYOMI • ‘unprofessional political jobbers’ have made Asiwaju Tinubu reduce local media appearance

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A CANDIDATE THAT CAN’T BEHAVE PRESIDENTIAL IS NOT WORTHY OF BECOMING A PRESIDENT’ – OLA OWOYOMI • ‘unprofessional political jobbers’ have made Asiwaju Tinubu reduce local media appearance

By Yomi Oyelami, Trek Africa Newspaper




The presidential elections is less than 40 days to go. Trek Africa Newspaper observed that politicians and political groups are leaving no stone unturned to sway voters in the direction of their preferred candidates.

In the light of this, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council and Spokesperson of The Asiwaju Progressive Movement, Joshua Owoyomi has urged voters to troop out en masse to vote for APC Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu come 25th February, 2023. He noted that the former Lagos State Governor is most prepared for Nigeria’s no. 1 job of all competing candidates.

Spokesperson, The Asiwaju Progressive Movement, Joshua Owoyomi


In a conversation with Abayomi Oyelami on #Reminisense the TweetChat series last Tuesday 17th January, 2023, Owoyomi noted: ‘Asiwaju declared his intentions last year January and has been working tirelessly to actualise his ambition. Thanks to many years of bridge building and networking the consultations went well then he won the primary and here we are on our way to the villa by God’s grace. You see Asiwaju is not just Asiwaju by title but by action. He left no stone unturned to make sure the party is united going into this election. That is leadership.’

On public opinion that Asiwaju Tinubu doesn’t speak with Nigerian media, he shared: ‘Asiwaju has had some local media appearances but the fact is that the Nigeria media today is filled with many unprofessional political jobbers, so don’t blame him for deciding not to speak with some media platforms.’

Further, he described Asiwaju’s showing at Chatham house as presidential. ‘We are not looking for a jack of all trades, master of none but a leader that will put men to work and make leaders under him shine. So what happened at Chatham House is a pointer to how his government will be run by a team led by a leader who will allow his appointees use their abilities without fear that they will outshine him.
A candidate that can’t behave Presidential is not worthy of becoming a President’.

On the controversial Muslim-Muslim ticket, Owoyomi noted: ‘You know when people don’t have serious issues to talk about they start throwing the issue of religion, tribe and facial expression around. Firstly, I have and will never support a candidate because of his tribe or religion,it is not my way. Secondly, what kind of President or VP are we looking for? The ones that will be smiling and laughing at everything and everyone and perform woefully in the responsibility given to them? I think it is important we focus on real life issues and leave aside silly unnecessary things.’

Excited about Tinubu presidency, Owoyomi who is also a member of progressive movement, Good Governance Initiative (GGI) said that he will continue the legacy of President Muhammadu Buhari. ‘The legacies of the Buhari administration are visible to the blind but can not be seen by people pretending to be blind. Even if they can’t see all, are they blind to the Muhammad Buhari Bridge (2nd Niger Bridge) or the revival of the train transport system? Or the road constructions going on all over the country. Recently, a community in Rivers state finally got a road/bridge. This is a community that the people could only be transported via water before now.’

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