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By Evans Ufeli Esq.

By Trek Africa Newspaper

The Lekki conservation centre is a spot of tourist wonders comparable only to the Etua Utagba – Uno swamp forest attraction in Delta State – a region of masterland vegetation that spreads across the ethereal branches of the Ethiope River.

As you set on the walkway amidst the splendours of forest biodiversity, you are drawn to the wet scenery of the atmosphere, the restless arm-swingings of monkeys and the bare scent of mud beneath the forest ground waters.

A visit to the Lekki Conservation Centre is like re-enacting the foresting experience of childhood in the aquatic rain forests of Etua with graphic nostalgic details as I walked through the beehives of the conserved forest infested with reptiles, but safe to explore, and under-guarded with diverse aquatic life.

The conservation centre has a relaxation layout suitable for decongesting stress and calming your mental health, more like spontaneous therapy. With a surface snap into deep meditation you can hear the purity of the natural sounds – the chirping of the crickets, shrillings of monkeys, the tweets of birds and the wonderful unity of these sounds drawn from the deep soul of the wild.

When you struct forward into the space there is a canopy walk; the longest in Africa. The canopy walkway features six towers that rise over 22 feet each. They are connected by a series of suspended (and swinging) walkways that offer a unique (if somewhat harrowing) 360-degree view of this part of the world from high above the treetops. Here, your adrenaline is spurred to a point of palpitation and your heart beats begins to double its speed as you are drawn to climax. Above the walkway, the sky offers an incredible movement as it embraces the earth at a view of unforgettable wonder.

At the next attraction spot is the Island, within the conservation area where picnics are held and general relaxation cultivated. At this point you can play games, enjoy music and visit the Tilapia pond. The Tilapia pond is a beautiful surface area to behold, you find a school of fish swimming in amazing beauty with natural symphony. The environmental recreation and aquatic adaptation of touristic harmony here leaves you with a deliberate craving to absorb the freshness of nature.

It is wonderful.

At the Koi Pond you are greeted with the colorful and exquisite display of the Kio Fish with its origin from Japan and suitable for surface view aquarium. The energy of the site and the natural beauty of the fishes as it swims across the pond drowns stress off your system. The details of the colourings of the fishes and the amazing differences in spacie is a story worthy of clinical explorations. Check the Lekki conservation centre and you will tell your own stories as you see it.

Evans Ufeli is a Lagos based Legal Practitioner and Executive Director Cadrell Advocacy Centre.

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