Ozzybee Celebrates 11TH Birthday “The Senior Humanitarian Way”

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Nigerian sensation, OzzyBee, clocked a year older on the 7th of January and the internationally renowned child star celebrated his day in a manner expected only from a renowned humanitarian. Ozzy, as he’s fondly called, convened his team (primarily consisting of celebrity friends and well wishers) in the morning hours and took to the streets of Lagos where they began sharing gifts and cash to the less privileged before finally paying a visit to the Okobaba Destitute Settlement in Ebutte Metta .

Eyewitness account reports that Ozzy, accompanied by Mummy Bosco and a host of celebrity friends, had to face the demands of the street urchins who have become a permanent fixture in the area before they could get the gifts inside. Oki Samson, publisher of TrekAfrica Magazine and host of the continental Trek Africa Awards who was among the dignitary present at the scene described the maturity displayed by the young lad as unimaginable “when we got there, he calmly attended to everyone, especially the thugs, who he went as far as taking pictures with. Ozzybee is way too mature, this idea naturally wouldn’t strike just anyone, he’s a blessing and I believe he will play an important role in the future”.

While his team distributed the gift items including rice and chicken food packs, juice drinks, biscuits, sweet and educational materials, Ozzy was busy meeting with each leaders of the home with cash gifts and giving alms to the residents while taking pictures with the ecstatic crowd. The residents of the home also reciprocated the gesture with an intense praying session.

All of the celebrities and notable media personalities who took to social media to congratulate the birthday boy all had wonderful stories to share. The previous day, the wonderkid had visited the Makoko Island where he made a huge impact, making his birthday visit to the home a continuation of his humanitarian gesture. With both visits, Ozzy has practically joined the leagues of senior humanitarians who enjoy celebrating with the society’s less privileged.



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