Fake Lagos CP Arrested After Demanding We Release Suspect – PPRO

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Fake Lagos CP Arrested After Demanding We Release Suspect – PPRO

By Trek Africa Newspaper




A police commissioner in Lagos State has been arrested after he walked into a police station, seeking the release of a suspect.

Emmanuel Nwagu, 60 years, was regarded likewise and accorded the due respect, but a further probe of his area of responsibility by police officers present showed he was only an impersonator.

The spokesperson of the Lagos Police Command, SP Ben Hundeyin while parading the suspect along with 13 others on Monday said officers had searched Nwagu’s house after his arrest and found other police items.

“A Deputy Commissioner of Police warrant card, an Assistant Commissioner of Police warrant card, Kenwood walkie-talkie, police camouflage singlet and face cap were recovered,” Hundeyin said.

The police spokesperson further gave more details that led to Nwagu’s arrest.

“He came in (police station), introduced himself as a police commissioner and said, There is a suspect I would like you to release…,” Hundeyin said.

When asked how the suspect obtained the warrant cards, Hundeyin said, “He claimed he was given the warrant cards by a police officer in the Lagos Command, but the name he was calling is fictitious because the officer cannot be traced on the police database.

“So, he is probably telling the truth that an officer gave him or he is lying about the name of the officer. I don’t know, but what we do know is that we have evidence to prosecute him”.

Another impersonator, Ibrahim Bello was arrested on September 4, and paraded on Monday after a complaint from the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Epe Branch.

The NBA had filed a complaint against Bello for conducting and presenting himself as a Lawyer at the Epe High/Magistrate Court for several years.

Hundeyin told the press that Bello was fully kitted in his lawyer robe when he was arrested in court.

The police said the suspect was further brought in for questioning where he was discovered to be an impersonator.

“From all these cases which we successfully cracked, we recovered a total of four (4) firearms, two (2) live cartridges, one (1) expended cartridge, eleven (11) live ammunition, one (1) vehicle, two (2) wrist-watches, six (6) phones, some quantity of weed suspected to be variant of drugs, walkie-talkie, Police warrant card and police camouflage cap with singlet,” the police said.

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